Neoliberal Doctrine

from by Mutual Aid



Doctrine of greed, reward the worst instinct,
Never each to their need, we all go extinct,
Liars with graphs, impoverish the weak,
Can you ask or can you only bleed?
A continent ruined by ideology,
Never so much as an apology,
Talk up the dangers of communism,
Ignore every last capitalist gulag or prison.

Capitalism in decay, burns all you love,
Standing at the edge of a cliff, just one shove,
Democracy corroded, rotten to it's core,
Supremacy of classes written into law

Economics of those who lack empathy,
You say how it is is how it's meant to be,
You lack vision, purpose or hope,
Without one another, how would we even cope,
Externalities is a vulgar slur,
You believe the lies in between all the words,
Randian fantasy fuelled by right wing nuts,
Hate to break it to you bro, but Friedman fucking sucks.


Private sector lords, defund the public purse,
Careful not to die, they'll charge you for the hearse,
Money laden noose, goes around your throat,
Your health care's gone, just like your last hope,
Vulgar Marxists, waging their class war,
Repress the workers, fuck what they ask for,
Keep the public under private control,
Soon they'll own everything, even your soul


from Slaves Of Capital, released May 5, 2017



all rights reserved


Mutual Aid Brisbane, Australia

Crushing sludge/doom with politically charged lyrics.

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